Any of these sound like you?

Counting calories or macros is taking over your life, and you're afraid to just eat what you want.


Just plain sick of thinking about starting another diet.

Exercising a little more than usual to make up for eating a little too much last night.

Sick and tired of looking in the mirror and feeling bad about yourself.

Your life is consumed by thoughts of dieting, body image, weight loss or the number on the scale.

Unable to stop eating despite being completely full, and at a loss as to what to do about it.

I get it. And, there IS another way.
Just imagine....

Finally feeling freedom and trusting your own mind & body to tell you what you need to eat, when.

Finally feeling peace in your body without focusing on shrinking it! 

Settling in to your set point weight range.

Having all that extra energy, time, and space to focus on living, instead of what you're eating or how you look.

What IS Intuitive Eating?

It seems that Intuitive Eating is "having a moment". This new interest in it means that there's a lot of misinformation rolling around about it. No, it's not as simple as "eat what you want when you want, nutrition be damned"!! 

It's also not just a "hunger & fullness diet" as many "wellness" programs might have you believe. In fact, it's not a diet at all. Think of it as a way of life. One we were born knowing how to live. But we lost that ability as we grew up, because we live in a culture soaked with messaging that tells us "thin is good" and "thin is healthy", and that there are "good" foods and "junk" foods. These messages are everywhere, and it's normal that we come to believe them. But they're just 'handed down' beliefs. It doesn't make them true. 

Diet Apples

Truly eating intuitively is harder and more nuanced than it sounds. It requires an examination beliefs we carry with us about body size, body image, food morality, weight stigma, and health. 

In coaching we approach these beliefs with curiosity, and our experience of them with compassion. It's a safe space to dig into emotions around food, eating, and body image and all the things that disrupt the ability to tune into and trust what our body tells us it needs.


It is a multi-faceted journey that takes you from a place of fear, deprivation, guilt, and shame to peace, freedom, joy, curiosity and wellbeing.


Come on along - it's not easy, but there is freedom on the other side!