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Mental Fitness, Positive Intelligence™ & Mindset

Most attempts to make a change get derailed because we stop at insight and don't practice creating new pathways in our brains to ingrain new habits.

We can't build new neural pathways without practice, in the same way we can't really master riding a bike from just reading a 'how-to' book. 

Looking for sustainable results? Mental Fitness is key.


Practice Practice Practice!

Insight and awareness are only a part of the story when it comes to cultivating true transformation. Learning to actually apply new skills to change the trajectory of our thoughts, midstream, is what is really needed.

Unless you practice it, though, it's like trying to climb a mountain by packing your gear, reading a book, grabbing a map, and heading out the door without having trained to create strong climbing muscles! 

Mountains Meet Lake

Here are two "big picture" aspects of Mindset & Mental Fitness I bring to my coaching:

Thought Work

This is along lines of "thinking creates feelings which creates action (or, lack of action)". They're connected. And, sure, it can work in reverse order, too. The most important thing to remember is that they're intertwined, and that you can choose your thoughts.

Mental Fitness & Positive Intelligence

This is about developing a practice to create 'mastery of your mind', so that you are in control (using conscious thought!) of bringing your highest self forward in the world. It is the practice of creating a strong, flexible, resilient internal system. 

Just like doing strength exercises builds strong legs to power you up a hill or flight of stairs, engaging in a Mental Fitness practice helps build mental muscles that allow you to shift to an empowered state more easily, especially during stress, uncertainty, or times of conflict.

Is your mind your best friend? 

Or, your enemy? 

It can be either.

And you can take control of which it is!

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"This situation is bad!"

"This situation is a gift!"

Whichever you believe, will become true.