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Eating & Food Freedom

Worn out from the diet roller coaster and your weight cycling up & down like a yo-yo?

Redefine your relationship with food, weight & body image without shame, guilt or deprivation...finally!

Alcohol Reduction

Thinking about cutting back? Tired of making promises to yourself and then falling back into old habits?

I get it. Rethinking drinking takes grace and compassion. Don't worry, we can get you to where you want to be with it!

Vegan, Plant-Based or Veg-Curious?

Want to incorporate more plants on your plate but aren't sure how? Curious about a vegan lifestyle? Ready to explore eating in alignment with your values?

No problem, and no pressure. I can help you figure out what role you want plants to play in your life!

Mental Fitness/Mindset

Yes you CAN strengthen your Mental Muscles in the same way you do your biceps!

Stop sabotaging yourself! By developing internal resilience you can show up for yourself, and in the world, with mental strength,  flexibility, compassion and empathy!

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