Intuitive Eating, Wellness, and Life Coaching 
for Vegans,
the Veg-Curious,
and/or Plant-Based Eaters.
Because eating plants doesn't fix everything!
Coach Carol Ray LLC
Ready to ditch dieting, gain control over food, alcohol, or other habits that are making you miserable? You're in the right place!

Are You Like I Was?

Sick of dieting and the yo-yo weight cycles? Feel like maybe you're drinking a little too much, too often? Feel pretty lousy about it all?

Been there! Day after day, waking up feeling ashamed and berating myself for whatever I overindulged in (again) the night before. UGH. What a chore!

These days, I'm loving life, belly-laughing daily, and am living fully awake and energized. And, I know that you can be, too!

I tried deprivation, willpower, shame, blame, and on-again/off-again restrictions. And nothing worked, until I tried something different. And that's what I'm passionate about sharing, with you.

Let's get started!




My Approach

People describe me as empathetic and caring. This is definitely how I show up in my coaching: compassion-led, and no shame, judgement, or guilt. 


That said, it's my job as your coach to be direct and point out what I see in your blindspots. And so, with  your permission and as gently as possible, I will point out the (metaphoric) spinach in your teeth - because I know you can't quite see it. 


What else? Well, research has shown that we desire change because we want to feel different. So we'll make your goals 'feeling-oriented'....and, we'll have FUN getting you there!  


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