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Struggling to tame binge or emotional eating?

Get my FREE "ABC Tactic to Beat Binge Eating"! 

Resilience & Mindset 

A new kind of workout!

Just like strength exercises build strong legs to power you up a flight of stairs more easily (squats, anyone?!), building strong mental muscles helps you shift to an empowered state of mind more easily during times of anxiety, stress, uncertainty, change or conflict.

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What could change for you, if you improve your capacity to respond to challenges differently? 

Peace of mind.

Improved wellness.

Healthy relationships.

Reduced anxiety. 

Reduced stress. 

Sustained Happiness.

Peak Performance.

(to name a few!). 

Who's in Charge?

Everyone has an inner judge - that nasty voice in your head. That may sound familiar to you.


But the judge does not like to work alone! They bring along accomplices to make sure you're really set up for sabotage.


Some of these are pretty sneaky, and you may not even realize they're impacting you. And others may be more obvious.


Maybe you know that you tend towards procrastination (the Avoider saboteur!), or perfectionism (the Stickler saboteur!), or people pleasing (the Pleaser saboteur!), for example. 

As long as these characters are in control of your mind, then you're being sabotaged and will be incapable of reaching your true potential! 

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Positive Intelligence™
and Mental Fitness

Positive Intelligence ™ ("PQ") is a specific program designed by bestselling author Shirzad Chamine's research on mental fitness. 

The initial six-week bootcamp is designed to strengthen your three core mental muscles:

1. Self Command Muscle

2. The Saboteur Interceptor

3. The Sage & Sage Powers

As a Certified PQ Coach (CPQC) I can help you on your journey to create a strong, resilient and flexible internal system. 

Imagine creating "mastery over your mind" so that you can increase your ability to respond to challenges with a positive mindset!

The Details

Practice makes...Progress!

Can you learn to ride a bike by just reading about it? No!

Awareness and insight are really great first steps to creating change.


But they're only part of the story when it comes to creating transformation. 

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Attempts to make a change get derailed because we don't practice new habits.

Practice is what solidifies new neural pathways, not just insight!

If you're looking for long term sustainable changes, having strong mental muscles is key. 

The intensive Six-Week Bootcamp requires commitment to action, and sets you up for success going forward with whatever changes you are seeking to make in your life!

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